How it works

Create and analyze your surveys in four simple steps

Create a survey

Do you already have the survey you want to take in mind? Start by giving it an attractive name. Save and you're ready for the next step.

Sample survey
Graphical representation create survey
Graphical representation adding questions to the survey

Add the questions you need

Shape the survey by adding as many questions as you need. We've set up different types of questions so you can choose the one that's best for you. You will have closed questions with multiple choice, drop-down, two choices, use faces with expressions, voting stars or generate question matrices.


Distribute the survey

Choose the contacts you need to send the survey to or use a link to place the survey on the platform you are interested in, either on social networks, by email or on your own website.

Graphical representation of the survey distribution
Graphical representation and analysis of survey results

Analyzes the results in real time

You've already sent in the survey and you're getting the first results. Analyze them according to your needs in real time. Apply filters by date or project.

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